"People don't give to reduce debt. They give to change lives."

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Debt Reduction

A Debt Reduction Campaign is unique in many ways. Although we utilize the same organizational structure as in Building Campaigns, there are several additional challenges involved.

It is much more difficult to generate enthusiasm and ownership when trying to raise dollars to pay down debt versus building a new sanctuary or fellowship space. Who wants to pay off "yesterday's dream?" Yet, we know that without buy-in, ownership, and enthusiasm any campaign is sure to fail.

Church Growth Services has found that there are several key strategies that can greatly enhance the ownership, and ultimately the success, of a Debt Reduction Campaign. These strategies include:

Get A Perspective On Debt

There are many differing attitudes and perceptions regarding church debt. These are generally based on one's values and past experiences and can vary greatly from one individual to the next. It is not necessary that church leaders all see church debt the same way, but it is absolutely critical that they understand that there is more than one way to see it.

Involve Your People

People will only sacrifice for that which they own, and only own that which they help birth. This is why Church Growth Services believes it is so very important to involve your congregation early in the process. What is exciting about a Debt Reduction Campaign is dreaming about how the money, previously devoted to servicing debt, can now be used to impact ministry!

Church Growth Services has several strategies that can be used to help your congregation identify the "faces" of those they wish to impact. This might be troubled youth, single moms, elderly shut-ins, etc. Most people are not very motivated to give to a mortgage note, but they are motivated to give to the "faces" which God has laid on their hearts.

Keep The Faces Up Front

Once the "faces" of those you hope to impact by eliminating your debt have been identified, it is important to keep them in front of your congregation. These "faces" should be emphasized so that people clearly recognize that is what they are giving for.

Take A Debt Reduction Journey

Church Growth Services believes what is good for the church is also good for the individual. Why not use this time of focus on stewardship and church debt as a catalyst for reducing your congregation's personal debt? We describe this as taking your congregation on a Debt Reduction Journey.

Consider partnering with an outside organization or utilizing some resources such as:

This could be a significant event in the personal lives of your individual members as well as your church history!

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